How CAIR Makes Political Allies: A Cautionary Tale

How CAIR Makes Political Allies: A Cautionary Tale
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CONSÉQUENCE…We CAN say. : Islamophobia…without Problem.

Philippe Boehler.


Originally published under the title “From Mocking Muslims to Entreating Islamists.”

The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) led public accusations of Islamophobia against mayoral candidate David Henderson, then provided “sensitivity training” when he repented.
After a mayoral hopeful in Hamilton, New Jersey, was the subject of widespread media criticism for social posts mocking Muslims, he decided contrition was the best course of action.

David Henderson, who is challenging incumbent Mayor Kelly Yaede for the GOP nomination, made an emotional, teary statement in which he begged forgiveness. He decided to meet with local Muslim leaders to make amends.

But leadership in Muslim communities is an interesting and difficult question, for reasons we have explained in the past. Often, those self-proclaimed Islamic leaders with the loudest voice have won that title in the eyes of media and politicians, even if their ideological underpinnings do not represent most American Muslims – or indeed, most Americans.