Beethoven Sonate au clair de lune , avec Daniel Barenboim

Chers amis et visiteurs de ce blog,

Voici pour vous  qui aimez la musique classique , une  très belle interprétation de la sonate no 14 , *Sonate au Au clair de Lune* bien connue de par le monde.

C’est également pour moi l’ occasion de vous rappeler qu’il serait bon de jeter  un clin d’oeil à la Lune de ce soir , qui nous offre sa plus longue version d’éclipse  du siècle.

Pour en revenir à la Sonate  , cette interprétation de Barenboien est une des meilleures selon des musicologues confirmés

Bonne soirée à vous amis musicologues et amateurs

Philippe Boehler.




I’m classical musician, for me this version is EXACTLY how I understand this piece. The first part is slow, but it feels calm and deep, played as this the piece becomes MORE than just music. Baremboim is almost no longer an artist, but more a messenger. In my eyes he has long ago overcome the challenges of acquiring technique necessary for refined musicianship. He is past the long hours of mental exertion, analysis and study to achieve delicate artistry. I profoundly respect an artist that DOESN’T first impress me with his/her knowledge or skill. I hear this and I hear a voice speaking not to my mind but to ME. The mind is always quick to analyze and is hungry for details, but the soul isn’t. She is in no such rush. This is both music for my mind and a gentle caress to my soul, and I give thanks to God that such men and women walk this earth showing others the way.


StreetMonoPro thanks
This might be the most lovely version of Moonlight Sonata I’ve ever heard.109
I never understood how he could play the third movement so easy. So effortlessly. this performance is nothing short of phenomenal.
Fun fact: one of Barenboims sons is a hiphop producer in Germany. He goes by the name “KD Supier”
Barenboim is beethoven himself